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Ai law offers the following trademark services

  • Trademark Registrations
  • Trademark Reviews
  • Trademark Oppositions
  • Other Trademark Related Matters

Trademark services from £375

Trade Mark Registration, Protection & Renewal Services – Ai Law

At Ai Law, we have years of experience with filing trademarks in the UK as well as providing expert guidance on legal matters. After country-wide expansion, we started offering our UK clients high-quality yet affordable trademark assistance. We have been actively helping businesses and individuals through our trademark registration, protection, and renewal services. We don’t hire any agents for the work. Our team of Copyright Protection Services will help to secure your brand protection in the county, cutting the costs of intermediaries or agents and saving you money.

Our trademark services include:

  • Trademark Registration: Complete all formalities and paperwork of trademark registration.
  • Trademark Renewal: Renew your Trademark through our trademark renewal service.
  • Trademark Infringement: Overcome a trademark infringement matter.
  • Trademark Search: Get a thorough trademark search report before registration.
  • Design Registration: Help you register your new designs in the UK.
  • Patent Registration: Help you register your new invention in the UK.

Filing for copyright protection in the UK means your brand is protected in the named goods and services. Registering your business as a trademark means that you will be able to use the ® symbol next to your brand, preventing others from using the brand name or mark that is similar or identical to your own which can cause confusion.

It is important to note that the trademark process may take approximately three months. It begins with the first examination stage, in which the UK Intellectual Property Office appoints an examiner who has to produce a report. This report will contain the details if there are any issues with the mark itself. If the examiner provides that there is no object with either the mark or the class specification, the report will be sent to the publication stage.

The publication is the second stage of the application process. In this process, the application is published in the Trade Marks Journal for two months. Any trade mark owner who already has rights to that particular trademark can challenge the trademark application if they believe it conflicts with their rights. If the application is questioned, the trademark registration might be delayed until the Office decides on the opposition. If during the 2 month window there are no oppositions, then your application shall continue to be registered.

That’s why we suggest every business owner register a trademark to:

  • Protect a business from competitors.
  • Enforcing protection easily without costing much.
  • Show how serious you are about your customers’ businesses.
  • Add value to your business with a trademark.

How Can Ai Law Help?
We are able to carry out a preliminary review of your proposed Trademark. We also offer the assurance application service for which you will be eligible to a 50% fee reduction if the Trademark is not acceptable to the UK Intellectual Property Office.

In relation to the second criteria, we always advise that you instruct us to carry out a search of trademark registers in UK and EU. If you would like us to do this before proceeding to apply for your trademark registration, please let us know.

The process to register your TM will be as follows:

  1. You tell us the TM you want to have registered and for what services and in what location.
  2. We shall review your TM and tell you what classes you can register in.
  3. If you would like us to carry out a search for existing similar trademarks, for a view on whether there is risk of opposition, we shall do this.
  4. We shall apply to register your TM
  5. We shall keep you updated on the process and on any objections or potential oppositions to your TM.
  6. Finally we shall send you your TM registration certificate

Once submitted we will deal with all correspondence from the IPO and you can follow the progress of your application online at the UK Intellectual Property Office website by entering your application number HERE: or for EU CTM you may follow the progress of your application online at OHIM’s website by entering your application number HERE:

Trademark Application Service

Application FEE (£)
UK TM Word Mark Application 375
UK TM Figurative Mark Application 375
UK TM Figurative Mark combined 550
UK TM Advisory search pre-application £270
UK TM every additional class Add On Fee + £50 per class
UK TM advisory search pre-app additional class add on + £50 per class
EU CTM Word Mark Application £850
EU CTM Figurative Mark Application £850
EU CTM Word/Figurative Mark Combined £1,200
EU CTM Advisory search pre-application £399
EU CTM every additional class Add On Fee + £50 per class
EU CTM advisory search pre-app additional class add on + £50 per class

*Please note that there will be an application fee payable to the registry. This is not our charge and is a separate fee due in all instances upon submitting your application. The relevant fee payable can be found on the UK IPO or EU OHIM website.

Other Trademark Services

Service FEE (£)
Cease and Desist £550 – £1,800 est.,
Injunctive Relief £5,000 – £9,000 dependent est.,
Licence £900
Assignment £800
Infringing Mark Review £550
TM Watching £400 per annum
Co-Existence Agreement £750 – £2,500 etc.,

Why Choose Ai Law?

Value: We give you real value for money by providing high-quality Copyright Protection Services, including trademark registration, renewal, and protection. We believe everyone, from individuals to established enterprises, deserves an experienced and knowledgeable IP solicitor that doesn’t break the budget.

Professional and Personalised Trademark Service: We take pride in our work and enjoy getting to know our clients’ businesses. One size does not fit all; that’s why our trademark solicitors provide personalised client service that you won’t find at any big trademark filing company. Attention to detail is critical in trademark matters, and we know how to bring the required skill to every client we handle.

Should I register my trademark?

The advantages to registering a trade mark is to put beyond doubt who the original owner of that trade mark is so to protect that owner accordingly and allow that owner to possess rights to sue another for infringement without having to first prove that they are the rightful owner.

What is the trademark registration process?

1. Fill a simple trade mark application form
2. Our qualified solicitors will contact you right away
3. Your trade mark application is sent to the registry
4. We assist you answering any objections if they arise
5. Your trade mark application is approved and published
6. We help you answer any queries raised by the registry
7. You receive certificate!

How long will it take to register my trademark?

If there are no issues or disputes with the registration, it usually takes around 3 to 4 months from application for your trade mark to be granted.

Can a trademark be renewed once it expires?

Registration will expire 10 years from the date of your trade mark application. You can renew your trade mark within the six months before your registration expiry date or up to six months after your registration expires – this is known as ‘late renewal’

Do I need to protect my trademark?

Registering a trade mark doesn’t guarantee you that your mark will never be infringed, but it does give you exclusive rights to use the mark and to prevent its unauthorised use on goods and services that are identical or similar to yours.